My 2014 goal: Cleaner closets, literally and spiritually, but mostly literally. They’re exploding with sweaters and old newspapers. Like my soul.

The hope is I can start with an organized closet and that will just magically translate to a cleaner, more energized life. Turn my bulky sweater soul into a stream-lined storage soul with more room to stash the important stuff, like reaching out to friends regularly, exploring new hobbies and planning for the future.

And, in keeping with New Years past, here are my favorite jingles! Spotify makes this tradition a lot easier.

Fall 2013.

Months ago, C and I went back to Backbone. It was a morose, last-weekend-together-for-5-months kind of trip. We were supposed to stop by a bakery for fresh gingerbread cookies, and that hadn’t happened, so I was already thrown and cookie-less. We were quiet, weather was bleak and the long lake looked more wild and suspect in autumn than she appeared last spring, bathed in bluebells.


This year’s autumn dazzled. It was all trees on fire and last night of your life sunsets over Iowa prairie. But early on, there were days like this one that felt more ominous — scary-exciting like the smell of elementary school hallways during the first few weeks of class. We explored gloomy fields, little caves and radioactive orange fungi and lingered over leaves fallen across the trail in the prime of their seasonal plumage. We were quiet.

I’d forgotten this isn’t the time of year for raucous walks. You match your voice and footfalls to the sound of the environment, steadily decreasing in decibel to the silence of snow flurries, words like the occasional crackle of river ice moved by unseen currents. I’m ready to get back to that and melt into 2014, absorbing the cold (really, really cold), being quiet.

Bad blogger.

This poor blog. I’ve let her sit neglected for months with only bits of Drake for sustenance (not very nutritious). This, after cruising into fall with the best intentions to start fresh and fertile in this space. I wanted to do something different and necessary and not so “this is what I did on my summer vacation” in this space, and lacking that, I did nothing.

Months later, turns out this blog actually provides quite a bit of my motivation to explore and introspect. Good or bad, that’s a fact. I’m not cooking so much, I’m not walking so much, I’m not seeking so much. Time to get back to hiking posts, DIY days and reading lists to keep me honest and moving forward.

Stay tuned for ALL OF THE THINGS in Zoe’s Cedar Rapids. More pretty things, more crafty things, more homey things and hopefully a lot more June.

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