I made this.


THIS. This babe of a dining table/desk for two. And all it took was a cordless drill and some gumption (and this DIY inspiration and about five trips to Home Depot and lots of practice wood and one night of tears). Un-vacuumed carpet and desk mess also pictured so my design ego doesn’t go through the roof.

The legs are hairpin legs from, of all places, hairpinlegs.com. But they’re so hot right now, you can find versions on Etsy and Amazon. Three-pronged for extra sturdiness. The table itself is all kinds of customize-able — whatever width and length you want. One warning: When the store advertises the top boards as 12 inches across, they actually mean 11″ and some change (woodworkers’ rules, Chris says he’s heard of it). “Measure twice, cut once,” as my dad/Ron Swanson/every woodworker worth her splinters later reminded me.

I used:

  • Three 12(ish)” x 5.5′ top boards (Home Depot cuts for free)
  • Two 4″ x 5.5′ side frames
  • Seven inner braces
  • A ton of screws
  • Legs
  • Sanding block, brush and stain (Early American for Team USA)
  • Chris’ oldest T-shirt, destroyed for the cause
  • Water-based polyurethane

Best choices made along the way:

  • Practice drilling spare pieces of wood, so you still mess up on the final product but not as bad as you could’ve messed up.
  • Buying imperfect boards. Toyed with the idea of finding rescued barn wood — Iowa’s lousy with it — but didn’t. Still ended up with some nice knottiness, and I couldn’t be happier with the Early American stain. One coat. Makes it feel old and cherished.

Thanks to Chris for standing on the curvy pieces while I put them in their place. And for teaching me the ways of the drill. And helping when my arm got tired and sawing through seven blocks of wood in our tiny living room when I measured everything an inch too long the first time.

2 thoughts on “I made this.

  1. cdean says:

    I KNEW this looked familiar! I’ve considered making that same table…but I lack your gumption. Not to mention my complete ineptitude with a drill….

    So impressed! You’re basically a professional carpenter now!

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